After this course, you will:

  • know what to do during mealtime, bedtime, and morning power struggles,

  • have a repertoire of tools to use when your kids don't want to put away electronics, come back home, tidy up, or get dressed,

  • find out why your kids don't do certain things,

  • dump the frustration and mom-guilt, feel calm and confident that you finally know what to do,

  • strengthen the bond you have with your kids and feel what an amazing mom you truly are!

Course curriculum

    1. Why kids don't listen?

    2. Making sure to be understood

    3. Helping kids with transitions

    4. Power struggles

    5. What if they didn't feel so powerless?

    6. Managing when their cup is empty

Course details

  • $127.00
  • 6 lessons

Meet Natalia

Natalia Wiatr

high-vibe parenting coach

Hi! I'm Natalia. I'm a high-vibe parenting coach. I'm a mom of two littles, a wife, and a fur mom. As an empath mom, I used to struggle with emotional regulation. I was in therapy for anxiety, while all I needed was to stop suppressing my emotions! When I took better care of my emotional health, I witnessed a 180 degrees turn in every area of my life: parenting, relationships, self-love, and even at work! I discovered my spiritual depth. But parenting has become my greatest passion. I help emotionally overwhelmed empath moms find peace and ease in motherhood by using mindful, gentle parenting practices as well as the Laws of the Universe.


  • I'd love to know more about consequences. I noticed that the course mentions natural consequences, but my child ignores them! How can I use more logical consequences?

    Have you seen my mini-course on consequences? It explains a lot about logical consequences: how to come up with them, how to make sure they're not punishment in disguise, and how to use them. And it's 100% free! Email me to get access (link above).

  • I'm a really busy mom, I don't have the time to watch long videos, but I really want to learn how to speak so that my kids listen. What can I do?

    We all are extremely busy moms! This is exactly why all the videos here are 8-10mins long. These bite-sized videos were prepared (by and) for a busy momma who has no more than 10mins of free time on one occasion!

  • In my financial situation now, I want to think twice before spending $127. Is there a free sample of the course available?

    Communication for Cooperation is PACKED with tools and value. I want to make sure I provide the best content and that's why it's a paid course. However, if you want a sneak peek into my courses, you can grab the free mini-course on consequences, which is basically a chapter that I didn't include here. Email me to get access (the link's above, in my bio).